Turkish Nightlife Editorials and Stories

Many crazy events and stories took place here. Below are some of them:

Elif passed from Maldan

Maldan Restaurant, one of the indispensable venues of the KALE road, brought the famous model Elif Ece Uzun at the promotional night she made the previous evening. Uzun made music for a while in the specially prepared cabin, and then chatted with the guests. Organizer Dr. Elif Ece Uzun, who was brought to Alanya for a promotional cocktail by Cücü and expressed her love for Alanya very much, said, “The owner of Maldan Restaurant, Ali Çelik and Dr. Thank you very much to Cücü, “he said.

I Have No Cellulite Problem

FAMOUS model Elif Ece Uzun held a press conference after the program. Elif Ece Uzun, who has been throwing stones at her colleagues due to the cellulite news that has gone away recently, said, “I don’t have such a problem. Cellulite does not affect the beauty either. If you are beautiful, cellulite will or not. Whether Turkey occupies the agenda of the magazine, here and there showing their legs and I’m not the paparazzi themselves from advertising built and pursuit of news, “he said.

Ramadan and Yuliya got married

Ramadan than three doses and Yulia Solokha, Ibrahim Tatlises stage out that they were married with a fun wedding in Alanya Kurt, runner income tax & Sapphire Building partner and Blue Star hotel owner Haci Osman three doses did, son Ramadan famous artist Ibrahim for his wedding Carols took the stage. Close friends of the Üçdan family attended the wedding held in the garden of Blue Star Hotel. The night that started with the dinner was colored with the arrival of the bride and groom to the garden where the wedding took place. The happiness of the bride and groom who said “Yes” for their lifelong togetherness at the wedding ceremony was worth seeing.

Zenith is waiting to be discovered

The Zenith Disco, which opened next to the Jasmin Garden Hotel in TURKS Fuğla ​​District, started to make its voice heard with foam parties on Wednesdays and beach parties on Fridays. Zenith, known as the most rumored venue in the entertainment sector, is waiting to be discovered by entertainment enthusiasts from Alanya.

Admired the view

HARBOR Restaurant continues to host celebrities. Sinan Özen was at the Harbor Restaurant with his close friend Hasan Çavuşoğlu.

With its latest release of the album “Love Halim S” and draws a graph successful music artists of Turkey’s familiar fantasy Sinan Ozen, a close friend who was Alanyaspor with former football Harbor Branch Manager Hasan Cavusoglu. Sinan Özen, who came to Antalya for the circumcision wedding of the son of a famous businessman and visited his close friends Hasan Çavuşoğlu and Nurhan Özcan, admired the magnificent view of the shipyard and castle. Özen expressed his happiness by saying, “Believe me, neither Bodrum nor any other holiday resort, I will not change this view anywhere.” Close friends who sat up late and chatted for a long time were longing.

The Ultimate Secret Of Making The Best Baby Food Recipe

Baby food is one of the easiest dishes found on the planet. In your early stages of parenthood, it can be a confusing task as to what to give your children. All mothers only want what’s the best and healthiest for their children, including selecting the best twins playard. The key secret to the best baby food recipe is, it should be healthy and appealing at the same time. Remember, babies eat with their eyes. Therefore they only eat what catches their eye, and if you think you are a bad cook, there are no worries as there no way a baby food preparation can go wrong because it is that simple!

Let’s discuss some of the easy and eye-catching recipes for baby food that I bet your baby is going to love!

Apple and banana purees

Apple & bananas are the best combinations for a portion of great first food for babies as they are filled with fiber, nutrients, vitamins, and everything your baby needs.  The apple banana puree is appealing both to the eyes and mouth as the combination of apples and bananas looks and tastes the best! It is best for babies from 6 months of age and above.

Papaya puree

Papayas are very nourishing, delicious, an excellent source of folic acid & are filled with fiber. It is the finest medicine to cure constipation in babies, so if your baby has a bad stomach, you know what to give. Papayas can be introduced to babies between 7-8 months of age while they play in the best pack and play for twins.

Mango puree

Mangos are nicknamed ‘the king of fruits’ due to their immense health benefits. They are loaded with everything healthy, helps promote a healthy heart, helps with brain function, boosts immunity, and aids in cancer prevention. In short, everything your baby needs. This dish can be given until the baby reaches one year of age.

Mixed vegetable soup

Mixed vegetable soup can be given once your baby has started eating vegetables. The soup can be made thick to fill your baby’s stomach or watery if your baby is not interested!. It is a rich source of vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

These are some of the baby food recipes which I bet your baby is going to love. Though these baby food range according to the age of the baby, these foods can be given until your baby starts refusing it completely! And the most important ingredient that makes your food tasty is already within you; it’s the mother’s love!

To conclude, a few things to be kept in mind when you make a baby food recipe is new eaters only need about 1 to 2 tablespoons of food, so keep portions small. Be aware of what your baby is allergic to allergies, especially when feeding your child foods that contain common allergens. Common allergies that babies have are towards eggs, peanut, wheat, soy, fish, prawns, and shellfish. And the most important ingredient that makes your food tasty is already within you; it’s the mother’s love!



Guide to enjoy casino gambling

Guide to enjoy casino gambling

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Frame limits 

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Chances over skill

Casino games are full of chances and skills and if you have good luck then you can earn a good amount of money through the casino games. If it is your first time playing the casino games then it is beneficial for you to play the game full of chances and you can try your luck in the gambling games. It is not an easy task to make strategies to win the game, so it is beneficial for you to choose easy to play games full of chances. 

Casino etiquette 

Most of the casinos follow strict etiquette and have the set rules of dos and don’ts inside the gambling house. So, it is very important for you to follow all the rules of the casino in an effective manner that can help you to save yourself from any hassle and issues. If you do not follow the rules then the security at the casino will take immediate actions against you. 


A lot of people ignore the option of practice but if you are a beginner then practicing makes it easy for you to know about the game strategies. Effective practice before playing the game can help you to create a better understanding of the game and it can help you to make the perfect strategy to win the game in an effective manner. 

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Suggestions For Those Who Will Go Out The Night In Istanbul

“The most interesting and spectacular nightlife in Turkey which city?” If we ask, at least 90 out of 100 people are “Istanbul!” he will answer. Istanbul; With its historical beauties, being a deep-rooted and prestigious city, geopolitical location, and what it offers in entertainment life, it is a city that everyone would like to visit, live and benefit from …

Night clubs

nightclubs are among the best nightclubs in Istanbul, Turkey. While some of these nightclubs appeal to the high-income segment, some of them also appeal to the middle-income segment. We have selected a few of these places for you.


Anjelique in Ortaköy is a nightclub that appeals to people who generally adopt the luxury lifestyle. Different styles of music play on each floor in the 3-storey nightclub. You can also find the chance to listen to the famous names of electronic music from time to time. Anjelique, which serves as a nightclub and restaurant, also offers outstanding examples of Asian and world cuisine with its famous chefs. Let’s add that the club is on the edge of the Bosphorus and has a great view!

Zelda Zonk

Zelda Zonk, located in Karaköy Beyoğlu, serves as a wonderful cafe and restaurant during the day, and is one of the most important addresses of entertainment in Istanbul on weekends and nights. Combining the interesting nightlife with a unique view, this place continues to be one of the most enjoyable spots that come to mind in Istanbul.


Reina is one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to Istanbul nightlife! You can also listen to world-famous DJ performances in Reina, which is one of the places that hosted celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Jeniffer Lopez. While the entertainment continues between 22.00 in the evening and 05.00 in the morning, world-famous restaurants also serve under the roof of Reina. Reina is seen as one of the best places in Istanbul due to its location. Reina is one of the rare places where you can see the magnificent view of Istanbul on one side and the silhouette of the Bosphorus on the other.

Al Jamal

Al Jamal is one of the most ideal places for those looking for different nightlife options in Istanbul. Choosing Middle Eastern culture as a theme in its entertainment concept, Al Jamal will improve your palate with selected flavors of Lebanese cuisine during the day, and a nightlife where you can have fun with Middle Eastern music in the evenings. Al Jamal is located in Şişli Maçka.

Pubs and Bars

Although nightclubs come to mind when it comes to nightlife in Istanbul, you can spend the night relatively quiet and chatting with your friends in some pubs and bars located in the most popular districts of Istanbul. We can easily say that you can find a place suitable for all music styles you are listening to. Pubs and bars such as Monks, Komodor and Arkaoda in Istanbul, especially in Kadıköy, are places where you can see retro designs, have different experiences with “Home Party” concepts, and try different cocktails and flavors. Service charges in these venues are quite affordable compared to elite nightclubs in Istanbul nightlife.

Have fun!…