What is Bitcoin Verse?
Unlike other crypto-currency exchanges, Bitcoin uses the VERSE token as a reward for
participating in the AIDI DEX and lending pools hyperverse gamefi. In addition to this, the VERSE token will enable
holders of the cryptocurrency to access various exclusive products. This token uses the ERC-20
token standard on the Ethereum blockchain, and the Verse team will actively pursue new
opportunities to expand its token. Read on to learn more about this new currency.

VERSE: Everything to know about Bitcoin.com's token | Currency.com
The earliest Bitcoin mining firm hyperverse cryptocurrency, Bitfury, was founded in 2011 and recently announced its new
investment program for institutional investors. This investment program provides institutional
investors with innovative portfolio diversification and exposure to Bitcoin verse. In addition to
data centers in Norway, Iceland, and North America, investors can invest directly in Central
Asian data centers through joint ventures. The investment program also allows individuals to
participate in mining operations directly through joint ventures. The VERSE cryptocurrency is
available for trading in over 100 exchanges around the world.

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