How to purchase bitcoins, tokens and rest of the cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is a special kind of digital currency. The term appeared in 2011, when Forbes magazine published an article about the Bitcoin system called “Crypto currency” – “Cryptographic currency”. It was named so because such a currency is created and controlled using cryptographic methods – data encryption methods cryptocurrency web design. In particular, blockchain technology is used – a sequence of blocks of information, built in a special way.

People who are not versed in the matter sometimes confuse cryptocurrency with ordinary electronic payments, but these are completely different things. So, when paying for a product or service online – from a bank card or through a virtual wallet, you can pay with the same dollars. They can be removed from the card and literally held in your hands, they were issued by the Central Bank, which controls the amount of dollars.

Cryptocurrency is decentralized – it does not have one main regulator. It is stored simultaneously on hundreds and thousands of computers around the world – by different people. Users themselves participate in its production (mining) according to certain rules.

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What are tokens?

It is worth saying a few words about tokens – a special type of cryptocurrency blockchain website design, which are a mandatory element of the ICO – Initial Coin Offering (“initial coin offering”). ICO is a kind of cryptocurrency crowdfunding, raising funds from outside. A token can be compared to a share – a security issued by the owner. It should be understood that before the release of the cryptocurrency on the exchange, the cost of the token is unknown, but you can also buy some goods and services with it.

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Choosing a cryptocurrency

Today, everyone is talking about bitcoins – the most popular cryptocurrency. With the growth of its value, the “cryptocurrency boom” began, which peaked in 2017 and continues to this day.

You need to understand that bitcoin is expensive – today its price is about 11 thousand dollars, or 640 thousand dollars. This currency is extremely unstable – its value goes up and down, sometimes several times a day. In addition, the number of bitcoins is limited, and there are more and more buyers every day, which means that it will not be possible to buy bitcoin cheaply.

Therefore, it is recommended not to get hung up on bitcoins, but pay attention to other cryptocurrencies. The tokens described above are popular today, but here you need to clearly understand the market mechanisms. Another good option is Ethereum, the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Now his rate is about 1 thousand dollars, or 65 thousand dollars.

Where to buy cryptocurrency


The easiest way to acquire currency is to buy it for electronic money on special exchange sites. The scheme is as simple as possible: you need to go to the site, select the cryptocurrency and the required amount, leave the public key of your wallet.

The choice of an exchanger should be approached especially carefully and find a reliable site with a good reputation. Unscrupulous owners of the exchanger can suddenly close it, and take all the invested capital for themselves. BestChange is one of the most popular and reliable portals.